We envision a unified class that is constantly growing closer, consistently giving back and collectively embracing our diverse experiences.

This vision statement highlights three ideas that we think will be core to a meaningful class experience. 

The first goal is closeness.

We hope to foster connections across social circles by organizing exciting and inclusive events like senior teas, senior bars, and block parties, as well as excursions and other on-campus gatherings. Our programming will culminate in Senior Week and Commencement.

The second goal is to give back.

We hope to give back in the form of Senior Gift, and in the form of public service activities, such as a Senior Day of Service and various opportunities for seniors to volunteer in the local community in the spring. 

The third goal is to reflect on our shared and varied experiences.

We are holding Harvard's very first Senior Capstone Experience in the spring, which we see as a critical opportunity for students to think deeply about their experiences at Harvard and their goals for the future, and to hear the stories of the people around them. 

Of course, woven throughout all of this, is celebration. We seniors have worked pretty hard over the last few years, and it's time for us to relax a little bit and have some fun! We are incredibly excited to serve you as your Senior Class Committee!


Reylon Yount
First Class Marshal

Irfan Mahmud
Program Marshal

Isaac Alter
Gift Marshal

Wesley Rey Rivera
Gift Marshal

Anna Zhong
Media Team

Tyler Creamer
Cabot House Rep

Orlea Miller
Eliot House Rep

Tanner Skenderian
Mather House Rep


Jessica Barzilay
Second Class Marshal

Gaby Ruiz-Colón
Program Marshal

Jonathan Jeffrey
Gift Marshal

Kia Turner
Gift Marshal

Cindy Niu
Media Team

Katharine Barton
Currier House Rep

Kate Buellesbach
Kirkland House Rep

Nancy Liu
Pforzheimer House Rep

Annie Dang
Program Marshal

Jennifer Kizza
Program Marshal

Kevin Liang
Gift Marshal

Yuning Zhang

Lance Katigbak
Media Team

Sofia Escudero
Dudley House Rep

Prerna Bhat
Leverett House Rep

Brett Biebelberg
Quincy House Rep

Jenny Gao
Program Marshal

Jennifer Liu
Program Marshal

Andrea Ortiz
Gift Marshal

Shori Hijikata

Catarina Martinez
Adams House Rep

Mark Natividad
Dunster House Rep

Preeti Srinivasan
Lowell House Rep

Kirin Gupta
Winthrop House Rep

Associates & House Teams

Names will be posted soon!