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Adventures in Boston- Scavenger Hunt

Compete in teams of five in the 5th annual Senior Scavenger Hunt and win points by completing tasks on “The Official 2016 Bucket List"! The winning team will earn eternal glory and exciting prizes (i.e. 2016 glasses and more). Sign your team up here by Thurs May 19th, 5pm.

If you weren't able to signup in time, you can still compete, just show up with a team of 5 or less at Widener at 1pm.

If you want a more relaxed afternoon, choose from the places listed on the "Official 2016 Bucket List," grab some friends, and check out these fun destinations beyond the bubble! 

2016 Senior Scavenger Hunt



1.     The team with the most points wins.

2.     You must provide the answer, signatures, or photo or video proof for all tasks as noted in task list.

3.     Before the scavenger hunt, you must follow @harvard_2016 on Instagram, make the designated Instagram account for your group public, and use #harvardscav2016 and the hashtag of your group name on every photo and video you upload. Your team name hashtag should follow the format #harvard2016_teamname. Also mention @harvard_2016 in each photo or video caption and include the task number. If the hashtags are incorrect, you will not receive points for the completed task. e.g., Task 4 #harvardscav2016 #harvard2016_drewfastdrewfurious @harvard_2016.

4.     Cheating and illegal acts are not allowed.

5.     Consent is sexy.

6.     Check-ins are mandatory.   

7.     Report to Boston Common by 5:00 PM sharp. All teams not present by 5:00 PM will be disqualified.

8.     In event of a tie for first place, the tie will be broken by a special Bonus Task to take place before 6 PM on Friday (today).

9.     You cannot ask questions or for clarification. Just interpret the task to the best of your ability.

10.  On the back of this paper, add up your own points (to the best of your ability). Indicate which tasks your team completed and their point totals.

Note: This list was compiled with the intent of minimizing costs, most locations including museums are free to Harvard students, although transportation costs will not be covered.




CHECK-IN 1: Full team attendance required at Widener steps at 1pm. Once roll call is finished, the Hunt will begin!


CHECK-IN 2: Find Jen Liu and Reylon Yount at the Boston Common for the last stop, no later than 5pm so that SCC can tally up team scores. They will be at the Commons starting at 4pm!


“The Official 2016 Bucket List”




1.     TASK: Write your winning team name here: __________________________________ (10 points)  

2.     TASK: Have 3 people follow the @harvard_2016 Instagram Account and upload a photo of your team Scavenger Hunting with your team name as a hashtag and the hashtag #harvardscav2016 (e.g. #harvardscav2016 #harvard2016_drewfastdrewfurious). (30 points)

3.     PHOTO: Find a number 16 in Harvard Square and stand in front of it making the shape of the number 16 with your bodies, in the style of legendary Sesame Street character Grover (10 points/photo)

4.     VIDEO: Scream at the top of your lungs from the top of the MIT dome (40 points)

5.     VIDEO: Conga line down any portion of Newbury Street. (25 points) Include random non-Harvard people in said conga line. (5 points per non-Harvard person)

6.     PHOTO: Do a headstand in the middle of the Boston Public Library (30 points)

7.     PHOTO: Write and give a thank you note to members of HUDS staff (20 points/thank you card)

8.     PHOTO: Build a tower with a cup from every ice cream or froyo place in the Square (25 points)

9.     PHOTO: Go to the top of the tower at Mt. Auburn Cemetery and pose with the Boston skyline behind you. (60 points)

10.  PHOTO: Find the graves of the namesakes for each Harvard House. (50 points each)

11.  PHOTO: Find the graves of Josiah Quincy and Ben Franklin’s father. (50 pts each)

12.  PHOTO: Your team in stately poses at the grave of John Harvard. (40 points)

13.   VIDEO: Reenact three scenes of three movies that supposedly take place at Harvard. (25 points for each movie)

14.  PHOTO: Locate your favorite dim sum spot in Chinatown. (50 points)

15.  PHOTO: Take a photo in front of your favorite works of art at the Museum of Fine Arts, MFA. In the caption, include a haiku about the work. (10 points/ art piece, must be from different exhibits)

16.  PHOTO: Take a photo in front of your favorite works of art at the Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum. In the caption, include a haiku about the work. (10 points/ art piece, must be from different exhibits)

17.  PHOTO: Take a photo in front of your favorite works of art at ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art. In the caption, include a haiku about the work. (10 points/ art piece, must be from different exhibits)

18.  VIDEO: Pose with the flowers and do an interpretative dance at the Boston Public Garden (10 pts)

19.  VIDEO: Impersonate the Swans at the Boston Public Garden (10 points)

20.  VIDEO: Speak like a whale outside of the New England Aquarium (20 points)

21.  PHOTO: Walk around the Harbor Walk on the Boston Central Wharf and impersonate a sea creature (30 pts)

22.  PHOTO: Identify unique plants species at the Arnold Arboretum and record its scientific name (20 pts/ plant)

23.  PHOTO: Have a picnic at Arnold Arboretum (100 pts)

24.  VIDEO: Eat a hot dog and impersonate a Red Sox fan (Boston accent) outside of Fenway Park (40 pts)

25.  PHOTO: Check out the Lawn on D and perform an interpretive dance to “Fair Harvard” (30 pts)

26.  PHOTO: Take selfies with strangers at Faneuil Hall (5 pts/selfie)

27.  VIDEO: Visit the Old State House and speak with British accents (20 pts)

28.  VIDEO: Reenact the Boston Tea party at the Old South Meeting House (20 pts)

29.  PHOTO: Visit the Old North Church and tell us the tale of the “lantern story” (20 points)

30.  VIDEO: Try free samples of beer at Samuel Adams Brewery and curate a list of your favorite beers complete with description (50 pt)

31.  VIDEO: Chill at Frog Pond and harken back to childhood days at the playground (10 pts)

32.  PHOTO: Splash around in the fountain near the Boston Mapparium. (25 points)

33.  PHOTO: Build a human pyramid in the middle of Downtown Crossing. (30 points; 30 points if a stranger participates).

34.  PHOTO: Your team looking classy at the top of the Prudential Center. (70 points)

35.  VIDEO: Sing 20 seconds of “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music in front of Do-Re-Mi Karaoke in Allston. (50 points)

36.  VIDEO: Do a 20-second flash mob to your favorite song at an MBTA stop. (30 points; 20 points for each non-team member that gets involved)

37.  VIDEO: Get a group of 16 tourists to do a choreographed dance for 16 seconds. (100 points)

38.  VIDEO: Do the Dougie with a Nobel prize winner. (100-150 points, depending on the quality of the Nobel Prize winner’s Dougie)

39.  PHOTO: Make a valentine for a Match ‘16 crush of someone on your team. (69 points) Give the valentine to that person. The photo you upload on Instagram does not need to show the person’s name. (Love points and potentially a legacy baby)

40.  VIDEO: Recreate your dance moves from circa-2013 from First Chance Dance on the 3rd floor of the KONG (30 points)

41.  PHOTO: Link arms while members of your team eat Mike’s Pastry cannoli’s from the North End shop (30 pts)





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