The Speaker Lineup

Meet our Student Speakers!


Min-Woo S. Park

Harvard Orator

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, I’m an English concentrator in Dunster House who would rather surf or watch reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air than complete my section readings. Once a member of the varsity lightweight rowing team, I promptly realized that my love for food outweighs all and moved on from the team after freshman year. I have since gained 30 pounds of happiness. I served as President of the Asian American Brotherhood and helped facilitate Bible studies with the Asian American Christian Fellowship, two amazing communities that have kept me grounded and accountable throughout college. Beyond the secure gates of Harvard, I plan on exploring the highly unstable and magically unpaid field of entertainment.


Mariam H. Jalloul

Harvard Orator

Hi! My name is Mariam Hassan Jalloul. Born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan, I am the youngest of four in my wonderful Lebanese family. I am concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy and a language citation in Classical Arabic. Between academics and extracurriculars at Harvard, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue nothing less than what enlivened me and helped me become a better citizen of the world. I am most grateful for the friends who made Harvard a second home and the many travel opportunities I was afforded, from Hong Kong to Italy to Brazil to Vietnam to South Africa to Argentina! Next fall, I will be pursuing a Master's in Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) School of Public Health.


Christina M. Teodorescu

Ivy Orator

Hello! My name is Christina Teodorescu, and I hail from Marlborough, Massachusetts. I am a history concentrator but did not write a thesis, opting instead to "help" my friends get through theirs by peppering them constantly with horrible jokes (my true specialty, as you'll soon hear firsthand). Over the course of my college years I was somehow placed in charge of WHRB (the Harvard radio station), worked in the Science Center basement as a Student Computing Technician with Harvard University IT, helped out in various capacities on the Eliot House Committee, provided assorted services—comedic and otherwise—to On Harvard Time, was a pretty terrible member of the Advocate's Poetry Board (sorry guys), and served a brief stint on the Crimson Editorial Board. I also have a severe caffeine addiction, and this is a cry for help.


Aaron I. Henricks

Ivy Orator

At Harvard, I served as president of the Harvard Republican Club, planning events with guests such as Kevin McCarthy and Herman Cain. I was also elected Czar of the Immediate Gratification Players and got to perform comedy across the country with my best friends. I study government, but spend most of my time buying Quincy Grille coupons on Dark Web bartering exchanges. I grew up in Lakeland, Florida and am thrilled to move back to Florida after graduation to work in state government.