Adam Su

"Based on my dietary habits I am at least 50% carnitas quesadilla, so Felipe's Taqueria will definitely be the thing I miss the most at Harvard. Every bite into their crispy, fried tortilla wrap is a sensory explosion. The savory pulled pork and Mexican rice inside reminds me there is warmth in the world, even on the coldest New England nights. To me Felipe's is the light at the end of the tunnel, the grilled cheese and roasted vegetables at the end of a long problem set. It is also where I have shared stories and jokes and bonded with my closest friends over a bottle of real cane-sugar, mandarin-flavored Jarritos. Whether you accidentally wake up at 3 p.m., or the dining hall is serving grape pizza again, or you just want to feel the rush of culinary cocaine, Felipe's Taqueria is the friend who will always be there for you for $8.96 plus tax."