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Elizabeth Mahon

“With this project, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet seniors I had never even seen before. We stay in our social bubbles of friends, but sometimes we need to get out and take the risk because you may find something inspiring. In my case, I truly was able to see what the Harvard community is like: listening to their stories, I saw that these seniors are so inspiring, friendly, and compassionate. After one photoshoot, One senior named Megan D’Arcy asked me if anyone had taken pictures of me, and I laughed because I’m the photographer, not the subject. So she took my camera and took this picture, which I love. After that, she wasn’t the only senior to try to reciprocate the favor, and I was touched by the genuine kindness that you all have. I will miss being here, surrounded by you all. My advice to you: take the risk, open up to others around you, and your life will be changed for the better. Thanks for making mine great, Harvard class of 2016."

These snapshots of the Harvard Class of 2016 were taken by Elizabeth Mahon '16.

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