Kathy Li

"Though I have great memories from all my years at Harvard, I think my fondest ones will always come from freshman year. To be honest, there’s not even really a specific moment I can pinpoint, but it’s more of a general feeling: of being at home in a place that just a few months ago was completely terrifying and foreign to me, of being surrounded by those who I love and care for (who, just those few months ago, were total strangers), and of comfort, knowing that this was just the beginning of many more adventures. I’ll always reminisce about hanging out in Weld 54 like it was my own room, on my first Harvard-Yale with WeldTop, on convocation, on Scaritas, on housing day when I swore I had never even seen Eliot before (I was a sheltered freshman), and on making some of my best friends during my first semester. Out of everything that has happened at Harvard – the good, the bad, and the terrible – ultimately my college experience is characterized by the friendships I made and the people I spent it with. So, these first moments at Harvard are what I will cherish most."