Mariam Jalloul

Getting into Harvard was easily one of the most memorable days of my life. Not so much because I got in, but because of how proud it made my parents. To this day, I don't think anything will top it. It was the peak of their pride. I was with my family in our living room, and I got an email to my phone, and I remember a visceral nervousness. I just couldn't find the nerve to open the email. My cheeks are always flushed red, but my mama said when I opened the email and began to read, my face went completely white. I looked up to my mom and very calmly, in disbelief, said "I got in..." I just remember hugging her as we both cried. My dad was nowhere to be found, and when I saw him walking up the stairs from the basement, I could see his eyes were all red and that he was crying. It was the first time I ever saw him cry. My parents immigrated from Lebanon in hopes that their kids could have the best opportunities. They crossed oceans for us. This was my thank you to them. To see them both cry from joy was the most elated happiness I've ever felt."