Clare Goslant

"I was born and raised in Cambridge, and I think being here for so long has made me more introspective.  At times, it’s bizarre creating a spectrum of memories that all happen one on top of the other (like kissing someone at 2:24 AM on the same spot I played as a child).  So, on occasion, I try to look at it all as part of a (terrible) TV show in which the characters are bound to a setting for an unnatural span of time to keep the plot cohesive.  I’ve gone as far as to recognize some of the traditional tropes and the emergence of discrete themes and story arcs, which, yes, is as silly as it sounds. I’m not complaining; Cambridge is a beautiful place, and I’ve had as much of a formative relationship with the city as with anyone or anything else.   Even so, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people here, and the friendships that I’ve shared with them are ultimately what drives whatever narrative I come up with.  Cambridge is wonderful, but it would just be a collection of pretty buildings and open spaces without the whole cast of characters that make it unique.”