Ava Nasro

"For my Harvard favorite memory, I'm going to ask you to be flexible with me with the singularity implied by the definition of memory. Throughout my time, it has been the collection of mornings at Annenberg that I look back on with the strongest sense of nostalgia. Although I can't deny fluffy eggs and all the accompaniments that come with hot breakfast, it's not necessarily the food that brought me in every morning at 8. From admin meetings, to roommate debriefs, and from my PSET sessions to PAF talks, breakfast at the berg has been so closely connected with the meaningful relationships I have made at Harvard. Munching on crunchy homemade granola and sipping vanilla coffee, I have learned to embrace the morning hours in college and plan to carry this routine through in post-grad life. The majestic furniture and artwork in Annenberg has made my morning routine feel like a royal practice. There are very few spaces that can have that effect, and leaving Harvard, I know the sum of my Annenberg breakfasts will bring me back into nostalgia."