Prerna Bhat

"I will miss monkeybread and karaoke steins and midnight drives and dhall conversations and crazy dancing and those first beautiful days of spring and Weeks Bridge and the gorgeous city we live in and shopping random classes in subjects I know nothing about and hearing wise words from incredible speakers but most of all I will miss you all, the people who have made this my home away from home. College is both the place where you can be surrounded by the most people and feel the most lonely, and I, as I'm sure many others, have felt my fair share of anxiety and frustration - but the good times certainly overshadow that, and I've had the time of my life and have loved my four years here. Shout out to my wonderful friends and family and mentors who've helped keep me sane and been my voice of reason when my own has gone missing - I love you more than I could ever express, and I know that this doesn't end here."